Web Services

The Moishe Company's number one goal is to see our clients succeed. In today's world, a web presence is a must. While there are many companies that can provide a simple web site and basic web hosting, we go much further. Whether a client already has a web presence, or is seeking to acquire one, we can help.

For clients with an existing site, we will review the mechanics of the site, this includes the relevancy of the current domain name, the construction of the site including web standards compliance & accessibility, and optimization for search engines, and current web site marketing strategies. Once we have determined the current status of a clients web site, we can then create a plan of action for the site. Bringing a site up to standards and moving it to a managed web hosting server, will help your clients or potential customers access your site better, make you more visible on the web and will reduce SPAM email.

For clients looking to launch a new web presence, we can help at every step of the process. We begin by helping the client select their domain name. Choosing the right domain name will help the client develop online branding and can have a great impact on how internet users find them on the web. The next step is to outline the contents and features of the new site, followed by sketching a basic concept of how the site will look online. Whether the clients site is a large corporate portal, or a basic information site, it is important that the site be done right from the beginning. A properly designed site is more likely to be found and indexed by search engines and far less likely to receive SPAM than a poorly designed site.

While your website is being refurbished or built, search engine optimization (SEO) tactics will be used to help the site be more easily found by web searchers. The Moishe Company only uses SEO tactics that are considered "white hat" and that will not result in customers web sites being banned from search engines. If you are looking to rank 1st in a very short time for competitive key words, white hat SEO will not do this for you and you will need to combine SEO with online advertising. Some examples of this are Google's Adwords and Yahoo's Overture pay per click ads. The Moishe Company can settup and monitor these campaigns for your company and optimize them for the best return on investment.

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